ADA Area of Refuge Signage

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Illuminated ADA Area of Refuge Signs

The ADA-IS and ADA-IS-UL are designed to provide maintenance free, highly visible AREA OF REFUGE ASSISTANCE message under all lighting conditions. These signs use high brilliance, high reliability L.E.D.s as their internal light source. Power consumption is less than 5 watts for most of these units and anticipated lamp life is more than 50 years.

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DuraGlow® Photoluminescent Tactile/Braille Acrylic Signs

Our photoluminescent signs are made of 1/8 inch thick solid, optically clear acrylic as preferred by architects & interior designers. They feature long-afterglow Strontium Oxide Aluminate photoluminescent crystals embedded and evenly dispersed throughout high-impact cast acrylic.

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Photoluminescent Rigid Vinyl Signs – Area Of Refuge & Area Of Refuge

These photoluminescent signs are made of rigid vinyl. Single-sided, 8 inch X 8 inch, and screen-printed with red or blue pictogram.

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ADA ‘FOR ASSISTANCE’ Signs with Braille

Durable stainless-steel laminated to black plex non-illuminated sign is pre-drilled and ready to mount. Stainless steel screws included.

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