ADA Area of Refuge & Area of Rescue Photoluminescent Rigid Vinyl Signs

Crisis Communication Systems®

These photo-luminescent signs are made of rigid vinyl. Single-sided, 8 inch X 8 inch, and screen-printed with red or blue pictograph.

HDI ARA-V1 & V2 Series Sign Features:

  • Rigid vinyl photo-luminescent glow-in-the-dark panel
  • Single-Sided, 8 inch X 8 inch screen-printed sign
  • NFPA 170 universal wheelchair-accessible pictograph outlined in your choice of blue or red on photo-luminescent glow-in-the-dark rigid vinyl. (Specify outline color choice when ordering)
  • Copy screen-printed in red below pictograph
  • Choice of “AREA OF REFUGE” or “AREA OF REFUGE” copy screen-printed in Red. (Specify choice when ordering)
  • Sign supplied with matching color self-adhesive directional arrow appliqué for field-application
  • Mounts with a combination of 2-faced tape for positioning & industrial strength glue for high-bond adhesion

ADA Photoluminescent Rigid Vinyl Sign Photos:

ADA Photoluminescent Rigid Vinyl Sign Documents:

ARA-V1 & V2 Series Signs Data Sheet