Installation Cable Products

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HDI ADA-S – Multi-Pair Plenum Cable

Our ADA-S custom cable is Rated Type CMP or FPLP, Multi-Pair Overall Shielded + 1 Conductor Non-Shielded Plenum Cable. 20 AWG 3 Pair + 1 Conductor 3 Pair Overall Shielded + 1 Conductor Non-Shielded Plenum.

HDI ARS-IP – Multi-Pair Non-Shielded Plenum Combo Cable

Our ARS-IP cable is Rated Type CMP/FPLP, Multi-Pair Non-Shielded Plenum Combo Cable. 18 AWG 1 Pair and 20 AWG 1 Pair Non-Shielded Plenum.

Read more detailed specifications in the provided data sheets.

Installation Cable Products Photos:

Installation Cable Products Documents:

HDI ADA-S Data Sheet
HDI ARS-IP Data Sheet