ADA 100 Area of Refuge Call System

Crisis Communication Systems®

Inspired by the Americans with Disabilities Act, our top selling ADA 100® vandal resistant emergency call system is a modular, hands free emergency call system with both audio and visual alarms, a large 3″ round PUSH FOR HELP button, and built in supervision capabilities designed to comply with the building Area of Refuge (Area of Refuge) requirements as specified by the US ADA Act. The ADA 100 is a fully expandable emergency call system and may be used as an independent system with its own battery backup system. Developed from years of actual field installers’ experiences at hundreds of building sites, the ADA 100 is easy to install and designed to provide years of low cost and trouble free use with virtually no maintenance needed.

We also offer our own UL Listed ADA-S Cable which is perfectly suited to your ADA-100 installation. Don’t forget to include it with your order or on your ADA-100 quote request.

Standard Features:

  • Vandal proof 16-guage stainless steel construction
  • Surface or flush mounted
  • Area station supervision circuits
  • Dual audio and visual alarms for the hearing and visually impaired
  • Custom engraved area station location labels
  • Keyed master station reset switch
  • Modular design provides for any number of area stations
  • No telephone lines needed (hard-wired)
  • Engraved, replaceable directory

Optional Features:

  • Recorded voice dialer or pager option (ADA-2100)
  • UL listed battery backup system (ADA-BBU-UL)
  • Master Station desktop base (ADA-DTB)
  • Blue (24 VDC) area station flashing strobe light
  • Braille instructional signs (stainless steel frame)
  • Weather hood in stainless steel or solid brass
  • Illuminated Area of Refuge Assitance signs with independent battery backup
  • Custom sizes available
  • Multiple master stations

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ADA 100 Area of Refuge Call System Photos:

ADA 100 Area of Refuge Call System Documents:

ADA-100 Data Sheet
Architects & Engineers Specifications
Operation & Installation Guide
Back Box & Surface Collar Data Sheet
ADA-2001 Auto Phone Dialer Data Sheet
HDI Dialer Manual
Master Trouble Light Directions
System Riser Wiring Diagram
Master Station Riser Wiring Diagram
Area Station Connection Diagram
Relay Card Cabinet Diagram
Battery Back-up Diagram
Dual Master Riser Diagram
Master Station Expansion Wiring Diagram
T 3 9 Connection Diagram
Auto Phone Dialer Connection Diagram
Illuminated Signs Data Sheet
Illuminated Signs: HDI-ARA-F Series Data Sheet
Illuminated Signs: HDI-ARA-C Series Data Sheet
Illuminated Signs: HDI-ARA-O Series Data Sheet
Illuminated Signs: HDI-ARA-AT Series Data Sheet
Area of Refuge Product Comparison Guide