Replacement Parts

Reduce your building maintenance and servicing costs by replacing old worn parts or systems that are always causing your building’s intercom system to go down. Housing Devices can provide a low cost practical solution to solving your building entry system needs. We are the only manufacturer of replacement parts for all building intercom entry systems on the market including parts and systems for companies no longer in business. We also carry a full line of new vandalproof intercoms as well as telephone entry systems too. Why settle for a partial solution when HDI can fulfill your replacement part needs quickly.

HDI replacement parts and systems are designed to fit within your existing lobby panel or apartment station space minimizing your installation and repair costs. Just tell us the dimensions of the existing part and we’ll provide you with a new part to fit. When you use HDI replacement parts you won’t have to repair or repaint the wall (unless you really want to!).

American Devices Florence SES
Applecore Auth Sentex
Auth-Florence Jeron Tektone
Couch Lee Dan All Others
Door King Mirtone New or Old

We carry a full line of replacement lobby panels, apartment stations, amplifiers, speakers, etc. to help you get your system up and running. Our replacement product lines include parts for:

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Replacement Apartment Stations
Replacement Amplifiers
Replacement Mailbox Systems