The HDI/ABB Video Intercom System

Housing Devices has partnered with ABB, a world wide leader in video intercom systems.

Explore the Ease, Simplicity, Security & Flexibility of a Engineered Designed Video Intercom System.

The HDI/ABB Video Intercom System can be ordered with on the shelf stock components or designed for a complete retro fit of your existing intercom system, changing from an old voice system to a new color video system was never easier, no additional wiring or back boxes required.

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HDI Video Intercom Equipment

HDI has a wide range of monitors from 4.3″ to 7″ Inch, desk mount and 5 different colors (white, silver, black, golden and light blue).

Main benefits

  • 2 different colors of appearance to meet personal esthetic preference
  • Electronic picture frame can be selected in standby mode
  • Image can be saved in SD card
  • Extra button for customization like intercom, call guard unit, unlock additional door, etc.
  • Leave a recorded message to family members or visitors when leaving home and vice versa
  • Set customized door open password when keypad outdoor station is used

Main features

  • Large 7″ color display with intuitive touch control
  • High-quality color TFT touch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixel
  • Call transfer among different apartments and guard unit
  • Mute one indoor station or all indoor station in the same apartment
  • Blacklist is used to prevent unwanted call from other apartment(s)
  • One-man commissioning With decimal jumpers
  • Optional by surface mounted or desktop mounted

Main benefits

  • One additional floating output for second door opener
  • Optional to connect one additional output of camera for surveillance
  • IR sensor ensures clear image at night
  • Secret surveillance through camera
  • 3 LED indications: call established/system busy, communication possible, door unlocked
  • Addressing via decimal rotary switches, easy and convenient
  • Modules mounting is screwless

Main features

  • Direct lock connection(up to 18 V, 4 A impulsive) from audio module
  • Secret surveillance through camera
  • Video camera with large detection angle (H86, V67, D104) and manually mechanical adjustment (H15, V15)
  • In-built proximity reader in the display module with Widgan output
  • Up to 3000 names
  • Public password and up to 6000 customized passwords are allowed
  • Optional by flush mounted, or surface mounted by rainy hood