The HDI/ABB Video Intercom System

Housing Devices has partnered with ABB, a world wide leader in video intercom systems. Explore the Ease, Simplicity, Security & Flexibility of a Engineered Designed Video Intercom System. The HDI/ABB Video Intercom System can be ordered with on the shelf stock components or designed for a complete retro fit of your existing intercom system, changing from an old voice system to a new color video system was never easier, no additional wiring or back boxes Read More

The ARS-1200 IP Dialer – New Features

HDI is pleased to announce the updated features of our ARS-1200 IP Dialer. Offsite Communication & System Trouble Reporting with Contact ID: System Trouble Monitor Features: Ethernet Connectivity Phone Line Connectivity Cable Shorts Cable Breaks Area Station & Master Station Monitoring Voltage & Battery Back-up The HDI-IP Dialer is an IP based digital dialer that can be used to transmit vocal alarm information and system troubles to a remote location or CMS over a standard Read More

ARTICLE: Accessibility, Areas of Rescue Assistance, and the ADA

A briefing and marketing opportunity for Condo Owners, Developers, and Associations  What is the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from all sorts of everyday activities. The law established requirements for businesses that provide goods and services to the public. Such businesses are defined by the ADA as “public accommodations.” If you own, operate, lease, or lease to a business Read More