The ARS-1200 IP Dialer – New Features

HDI is pleased to announce the updated features of our ARS-1200 IP Dialer.

Offsite Communication & System Trouble Reporting with Contact ID:

System Trouble Monitor Features:

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Phone Line Connectivity
  • Cable Shorts
  • Cable Breaks
  • Area Station & Master Station Monitoring
  • Voltage & Battery Back-up

The HDI-IP Dialer is an IP based digital dialer that can be used to transmit vocal alarm information and system troubles to a remote location or CMS over a standard telephone line.

The HDI-IP Dialer can be custom programmed with a unique digital vocal message for the alarm event and the talk and listen mode of operation. Upon an alarm, the HDI-IP Dialer will dial the pre-programmed telephone number and infinitely play the stored message until a ” *” is detected.

By toggling the “*” key the user at the receiver side can switch the talk/listen path. When finished, pressing a “1” will end the call.

The HDI-IP Dialer module is monitored and supervised either locally by the ARS-1200 Master and uses Contact ID over a phone line to your Monitoring Station, or over the Internet by the F & C software package. Communication interruptions and any faulty devices are instantly reported to the ARS-1200 Master then sent out as a trouble to your Monitoring Station.

Please see the HDI-IP Dialer Data Sheet for more detailed information.

Thank you for your time, and if HDI can help in anyway please don’t hesitate to contact us. 1-800-392-5200